How to get the new Buried Purpledust Bundle from the Underworld Wish event in Free Fire MAX

In recent days, players of Free Fire were being flooded by various exciting and cool events. Today a new event is launched which is called the Underworld wish event. It is providing various cosmetics that look very cool and surely enhance the overall appearance of its owner.  Here, players will get attractive outfits, gun skins, and other items. Being very premium items players cannot get these for free. Diamonds are a must to collect rewards from the event.

Underworld Wish event is providing various items this week

The Underworld Wish event is launched on December 7, 2022, and will continue in Free Fire MAX Indian server till December 13, 2022. The event features a cool-looking bundle called Buried Purpledust. It has a great appearance with black and purple textures. Also, the female bundle which is the Buried Neonfire Bundle looks great. There are other options also available from which players can choose. In the Underworld, Wish event plays have to make wishes using diamonds to get rewards. One wish will need 20 diamonds and eleven wishes required 200 diamonds. Unique items which are already owned will be removed from the prize list.

Prize pool of the Underworld Wish event

  • Buried Purpledust Bundle
  • Buried Neonfire Bundle
  • Shadow Sickle
  • Buried Purpledust Backpack
  • Kord – Goldrim Tribute
  • M1014 – Violet Terror
  • Mystic Evil set
  • Skeleton Magician Mask
  • Pumpkin Monster
  • Batwings
  • Welcome to the Circus
  • Skull
  • Catastrophe Bringer
  • The Tale of the Dead
  • The Laser Beam
  • Cube Fragment
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Futuristic Weapon Loot Crate
  • Other Weapon Loot Crates
  • Universal Fragment
  • Summon Airdrop
  • Pet Food

Follow the steps and get rewards from the Underworld Wish event

  • Step 1: Open your Free Fire MAX account and go to the Event section by tapping on the ‘Calendar’ icon. Then go to the Underworld Wish event interface and press the go-to button.
  • Step 2: After entering the event make wishes using diamonds.
  • Step 3: Rewards will be added to the vault directly. However, players may have to wait for 10 minutes for the overall procedure.

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