Get Candy Cane for free from the Winterlands Subzero campaign in Free Fire MAX

The Winterlands SubZero campaign is going in a full swing in Free Fire MAX Indian server. The event campaign already launched various events like Luck Royales. But, those events are very premium and require lots of diamonds. For this reason, many players remain deprived of the items. So, developers have brought up an easy-to-do event offering a cool melee weapon skin for free. The requirements are very simple. Players only have to play a few games with friends during the event period.

Get a free Candy Cane in Free Fire MAX this week

The following event is introduced on January 7, 2023, and will remain accessible until January 11, 2023. Here, players are getting a melee weapon skin for free. The name is Candy Cane. The winter featuring item complements the overall theme of the Winterlands SubZero campaign. Players can collect the item by completing a very simple mission. The requirement is to play five matches with friends. The best part is that the developers did not mention any restrictions in terms of game modes. So, players can play Clash squad matches which are short periods to get the item easily and early.

Play 5 matches with friends: Get a free Candy Cane

Steps to collect Candy Cane for free easily

  • Step 1: After logging in to Your Free Fire MAX account, first select the Clash squad mode or any short-period game mode.
  • Step 2: Play five matches to unlock the reward. Players can eliminate themselves early to complete the event in the fastest way.
  • Step 3: Now, access the Events tab by clicking on the calendar icon and head to the Winterlands: Subzero section.
  • Step 4: Then, choose the Free Candy Cane tab from the left side of the menu. Press the Claim button beside the Candy Cane and the item will be added to your vault directly.

The item can cost a few hundred diamonds in the game’s store. So, it is an excellent opportunity for players. Moreover, the requirement is minimal so everyone must get the Candy Cane.

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