Everything about Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Season 17: Release Date and Rewards leaked

Free Fire is a popular battle royale mobile game that is currently one of the most played games. Players love the game as it offers various in game modes that differ from each other. So the enthusiasm for Free Fire never vanishes and players remain engaged to the game. Clash squad is a popular gaming mode where players make a small team and competes with another team. The matches are short-period so the excitement remains high. Moreover, the ranked version of the Clash Squad mode has a rank system. Players having good skills can climb up in the rank system while getting exclusive rewards for free. The on-going Free Fire Clash Squad Season 16 is going to end soon and the next CS Season will bring an all-new reward.

Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Season 17 (S17) Release Date & Time

The next Clash Squad Ranked Season of Free Fire will release on January 12, 2023, at 02:30 PM IST. The current season 16 will come to an end just a day before.

Rewards of Clash Squad Ranked Season 17 in Free Fire

Clash Squad Ranked season always brings in various in-game items along with some exclusive cosmetics. The main rewards are comprised of golden gun skin and an outfit. The other rewards are character fragments, playcards, vouchers, etc.  Players can get all the rewards for free. The golden gun skin unlocks automatically when a player reaches to the Gold-III tier in CS Ranked mode. According to the leaked information, players will get the Golden skin of MAC10 as special reward.

 MAC-10 Golden

CS Season 17 Bundle

Clash Squad-Ranked Season 16 Rank Drop System

Players rank will be dropped as,

  • Bronze (I-III) to Bronze I
  • Silver (I-III) to Bronze II
  • Gold (I-IV) to Silver I
  • Platinum (I-IV) to Silver II
  • Diamond (I-IV) to Gold I
  • Heroic to Gold II


Q.1 What Is the Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Season 16 End Date & Time?

A. January 11, 2023, 11:59:59 IST

Q.2 What Is Clash Squad Ranked Season 17 Start Date & Time?

A. January 12, 20223, 2.30 PM (IST).

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