How to get White Turtleneck from Fashion Fiesta in Free Fire MAX

Outfits in Free Dire always remain the top priority among players. So, there is a constant launching of various costumes with great visuals. The more premium the costume is, the more diamond it requires. In contrast to highly animated bundles, a unique event is introduced today in which the grand prize is a very simple outfit.

Fashion Fiesta event is offering White Turtleneck and Myth Hoodie

The event is called the Fashion Fiesta and it commenced on January 13, 2023. The event will remain accessible till January 28. Players have to spend diamonds for collecting items from the event. There are two options available: the first is to make one spin with 20 diamonds and the second is to make 10 spins for 180 diamonds. The main attraction of the event is White Turtleneck and Myth Hoodie. Players can choose only one. After getting the chosen prize, players can reselect another one and spin for that. Developers need a maximum of 10 minutes to add the rewards to the vault.

Reward List of the Fashion Fiesta event in Free Fire MAX

Grand Items

  • White Turtleneck
  • Myth Hoodie

Other prizes

  • Iron Mask
  • Deadly Smile
  • Thug life
  • Starry sun
  • Cookie purple
  • Lion rage
  • Lioness lava
  • Classic leopard
  • Crouching tiger
  • Beige leather pants
  • Short skirt
  • Katana- Booyah day
  • Pan – volcanic fury
  • Magic Cube fragments
  • Incubator voucher
  • Diamond royale voucher
  • Other ordinary items

Access the Fashion Fiesta event to collect White Turtlenecks and other items

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX on your device and the event banner of the Fashion Fiesta event is most likely to appear on the screen. Click on the banner and the event will be opened directly. Otherwise, click the Calendar Icon and then go to the news section. From there, select the Fashion Fiesta event tab and open the event interface.
  • Step 2: Select the preferred spinning option and make spins. Already gained items will be converted to FF tokens.
  • Step 3: collected items will be added to the vault

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