Free Fire Season 2 Booyah Pass for February 2023: New Outfits Revealed

The traditional Elite Pass of Free Fire was replaced by Booyah Pass in January 2023. The first Season 1 of Booyah pass was launched on the first day of January and still going live. Players welcomed the arrival with great enthusiasm and loved the concept. At the end of January, a new Season of Booyah pass will be released replacing the current one. The items of the season 2 Booyah pass have been leaked already providing a glimpse of upcoming items. There will be a lot of items including grand bundles, gun skin, emote, and plenty of other cosmetics.

Release Date of Free Fire February 2023 Season 2 Booyah Pass

Free Fire Season 2 Booyah Pass is all set for launch on February 1, 2023, and will be available during the month. However, players can pre-order the elite pass two days before the official launch. 

Free Fire February 2023 Season 2 Booyah Pass: All You Need to Know

Booyah pass requires to be purchased by the use of diamonds. The premium version is available for 499 diamonds while the Premium Plus requires 999 diamonds. The premium Plus version will unlock 50 additional tiers. The upcoming Season 2 Booyah Pass is based on the crocodile theme. So, players will witness that theme on every item. The main attraction is the main bundle which is named Crocodarer Bundle. It contains special effects. However, players will only get the basic version from the Booyah Pass. They have to upgrade it using unique BP S2 tokens to use all the features.

Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 2 Leaked items

These items are the main attraction of the upcoming Booyah Pass season.

Level 10: Sports Car-Crocoslayer

Level 30: Crocoslayer Loot Box

Level 90: Pixel Croco Backpack

Level 100: Crocodarer Bundle and BP S2 Crate

Apart from the above items, there will be a lot more like Gun skin, Banners, Evolution stone, luck Royale vouchers, etc.


Q: When will the Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 2 Pre-ordering start?

Ans. The Pre-Ordering Process will start on January 29, 2023.

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