Free Fire upcoming Season 3 Booyah Pass for March 2023: Outfits Leaked

The Elite Pass system of Free Fire has been discontinued recently. Developers replaced that with the all-new Booyah pass. However, the overall feature is almost the same. Currently, the first season of the Booyah pass is continuing in the game and the leaks of the upcoming Season 3 Booyah pass is already been leaked. So, players are getting a glimpse of upcoming items more than two months earlier.

Release Date of Free Fire Season 3 Booyah Pass (March 2023)

The Season 3 Booyah Pass will be launched on the first day of March 2023. The pre-ordering process might start two days before the release. Season 3 Booyah Pass will be available for the entire month and after the end, a new Booyah pass will be launched.

Free Fire March 2023 Booyah Pass (S3)

Booyah pass is a unique system that offers many items, most of which are quite expensive. Booyah pass for March 2023, will bring in various kinds of items to the game. It is supposed that the items will be inspired by a futuristic theme. There will be a main bundle called Project qualia bundle which is also the main attraction. Other than the male bundle, players will get one female, and various items like backpacks, jackets, gun skins, and more. The items of Booyah Pass usually cost a few thousand diamonds in total if purchased from the store.  To get the most benefit from the pass, players have to purchase it with diamonds. Then, they need to gather Booyah Pass badges to unlock items. There are a lot of daily and weekly missions which requires to be completed for collecting the badges.

Free Fire March 2023 Booyah Pass (S3) Upcoming Items

Here are the coolest items of Season 3 Booyah Pass,

Monster Truck – Project Q for

Project Qualia Loot Box

Project Ether Bundle

Grenade Project Q

Project Q Backpack

Project Qualia Bundle


Q: When will the upcoming Free Fire Season 3 Booyah Pass launch?

Ans. The Free Fire March 2023 Booyah Pass or season 3 Booyah Pass will launch on March 1, 2023.

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