Upcoming Thompson Evo gun skin in Free Fire leaked: Cindered Colossus Thompson

According to rumors, Free Fire players are about to get an all-new Evo gun skin in the coming days. Evo guns are the most premium gun skins in the game and are famous for their amazing appearance. Moreover, those guns possess additional attributes. There are various Evo guns available now. According to the source, the upcoming Evo gun will be a unique skin of Thompson.

Free Fire players to get Cindered Colossus Thompson skin

Evo guns have exclusive animations, well-rounded attributes, and several perks like emote, a killing effect, a hit effect, a kill announcement, and more. All of these features will be available for the upcoming Thompson – Cindered Colossus gun. The gun contains additional damage and a rate of fire while the reload speed is decreased slightly. The Cindered Colossus Thompson skin will be a game changer for close combats for the attributes.


  • Damage ++
  • Rate of Fire +
  • Reload Speed –

The mighty Evo gun has a special ability to deal extra damage upon the enemy on the next shot after constantly firing 8 shots. Though there is a fixed duration to this skill, players having the gun will get an extra advantage. The gun skin will be introduced through a faded wheel game so interested players can get it for sure. However, players should not forget that they will get the basic version from the event. After that, the gun needs to be upgraded to Level 8 to unlock all the perks by using special tokens. The tokens have to be collected from the store section by diamonds. 

Cindered Colossus Thompson Leaked Images

Here are some images of the upcoming Cindered Colossus Thompson.

Exclusive Emote: Cindered Colossus Thompson

Kill Effect: Cindered Colossus Thompson

Hit Effect: Cindered Colossus Thompson

Firing Effect: Cindered Colossus Thompson

Ultimate Form: Cindered Colossus Thompson

Players will require a lot of diamonds to upgrade the Cindered Colossus Thompson. However, the gun surely looks very monstrous and many players will wish to collect it for sure. How much are you willing to pay for this mighty beast? Let us know through the comment box!

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