Get a free Maid Gone Mayhem bundle from Free Fire MAX this week: Bermuda Dreams

Today a new event campaign, Bermuda Dreams, is started in Free Fire MAX. Players will get exciting rewards from the campaign. The rewards will be provided for free but players must complete the requirements. The main attraction of this event series is the “Maid Gone Mayhem” bundle. It is a female bundle based on a maid theme. Players can unlock the bundle by collecting Diner Tokens.

The New Bermuda Dreams event is offering a Maid Gone Mayhem bundle for free

The following event commenced on January 27, 2023, Free Fire MAX Indian server and will last until February 9, 2023. Hence, players are getting enough time to gather Diner Tokens and unlock the Maid Gone Mayhem bundle. The tokens are essential to serving food to the guests. These special tokens can be obtained from after-match drops, daily login, and missions. Players can also complete these missions:

  • Play for 45 minutes: Get 2x Diner Tokens
  • Defeat 5 enemies: Get 2x Diner Tokens
  • Deal 3000 damage: Get 2x Diner Tokens
  • Play 3 matches: Get 2 Diner Tokens

Players can also go to the “Tree of Fortune,” for bonus tokens which will be available at random locations on the Bermuda map. 1 point will be provided for serving one desired dish to the guest and 3 points for serving two desired dishes. Moreover, 5 points can be earned by serving three. Once the guests become satisfied, players will get rewards. After satisfying the first five guests, players will get the Maid Gone Mayhem bundle for sure.

How to collect the Maid Gone Mayhem bundle from Free Fire MAX

Players have to follow these steps to claim the Maid Gone Mayhem bundle:

  • Step 1: Boot up Free Fire MAX on the device and select the “Bermuda Dreams” icon from the top right corner of the home screen.
  • Step 2: Next, serve the guests and claim the items from the progress bar available on the right side.
  • Step 3: Claim all rewards from five guests and then head over to the “Vault” section to equip the Maid Gone Mayhem bundle.

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