Free Fire MAX’s next Weapon Royale for February 2023 is Sickly Sweet Parafal

Players of Free Fire get to enjoy a variety of weapon skins regularly. There are different kinds of weapon skins available based on their rarity and attributes. Legendary weapon skins are most popular as these possess cool attributes and visuals. Free Fire weapon royale is one type of luck royale that launches legendary gun skins in every month. According to the rumors the upcoming weapon royale gun will be a Parafal skin.

Free Fire MAX’s upcoming Weapon Royale for the Indian server

The upcoming gun skin for the Free Fire Weapon royale (Indian Server) will be the Sickly Sweet Parafal. Players will need diamonds to unlock the skin. The gun has a sweet but elegant painting on it. Moreover, players can get more amazing rewards from the weapon royale other than the gun skin. Players will need 40 diamonds to make one spin in the following section. Moreover, the option to make a 10+1 spin will be priced at 400 diamonds. There will also be an option to use special weapon royale vouchers which can be used to make spins for free. The vouchers are available at various in-game events. Though there is no guarantee of getting the gun, players can rely on the luck quotient. The more points in the luck quotient, the more chances to get the gun.

Sickly Sweet Parafal Attributes

  • Magazine ++
  • Penetration +
  • Reload speed –

Free Fire MAX Upcoming Weapon Royale Gun skin Release Date

The upcoming Sickly Sweet Parafal is scheduled to release on February 3, 2023, at midnight in Free Fire MAX of the Indian server.


Q. How to get access to the Weapon Royale in Free Fire?

Ans. The Weapon royale can be accessed from the Luck royale section which is situated at the left corner of the home screen.

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