How to get Angry Walk emote from the latest Faded Wheel event in Free Fire MAX

A new faded wheel is commenced on the Indian server of Free Fire MAX. The faded wheel is always in high demand as it offers guaranteed exclusive items. This time players will get to enjoy a new Angry Walk emote and Groza-Heartseeker as grand prizes. Since the items are very premium; players have to spend their valuable diamonds for participating in the event.

Get an Exclusive emote from Free Fire’s latest faded wheel event

The new Faded Wheel is started in Free Fire MAX on January 29, 2023, and players can access the event until February 4, 2023. The main attraction of this event is the Angry Walk emote. A lot of players love to collect a variety of emotes for showing off in the match lobby. Since it is a faded wheel event; players can get all the items by making eight spins. Moreover, there are a lot more prizes to get.

Complete prize pool of the following event

  • Angry Walk
  • Cube Fragment
  • M1014 Underground Howl Loot Crate
  • Blood Bat
  • Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Groza – Heartseeker
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Pink Heaven Weapon Loot Crate
  • Bloody Skull
  • Pet Food

Players can remove two random items (except the grand prizes) from the prize pool before making spins. This feature allows having a higher chance of getting the desired cosmetic.

Required diamonds to make spins in this event

The cost will gradually increase as none of the items from the prize pool will be repeated. The prizes are 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, and 499 diamonds.

How to access the event and get Angry Walk and Groza – Heartseeker this week

  • Step 1: Load Free Fire MAX and log in to your account first. Then access the Luck Royale section from the menu on the left.
  • Step 2: Now, choose the new Faded Wheel event.
  • Step 3: Remove the two undesired items and confirm. After that, press the button in the center of the Luck Royale to receive random rewards.
  • Step 4: Make spins you have gathered all the items along with the Angry Walk emote.

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