How to get Void Genotype bundle and more from Free Fire MAX M.O. Ring Royale

Luck Royale is the most frequently occurring event that offers premium cosmetics. The Monson Orakii campaign was launched a few days ago and it already announced the arrival of some exclusive in-game items. Those items are now available in the game. Players will need diamonds for participating since it is a luck royale. Let’s have a detailed discussion about the event.

The New M.O. Ring event is now available in Free Fire MAX: Monson Orakii

The M.O. Ring event started on February 18, 2023, on the Free Fire MAX Indian server. The event will be available till March 3, 2023. Here, players will get a lot of premium outfits but the Void Genetype Bundle and Essential Turtleneck have the best looks. The best thing about the M.O. Ring is players will get the entire outfit collection from the Monson Orakii brand under one roof. Also, there is an option to collect the required tokens which are required for trading. Since the items are very premium, diamonds are essential to take part. One spin will require 20 diamonds, while 10+1 spins cost 200 diamonds.

Complete the prize pool of the M.O. Ring event

  • Void Genetype Bundle
  • Essential Turtleneck
  • Lacuna Genotype Bundle
  • Silent Statement Bundle
  • Sports Car – Ventus
  • Treble Dagger
  • Monson Orakii Tokens

Players can collect enough Monson Orakii Tokens to exchange them for the desired Void Genetype Bundle. The other exchange options are:

  • Gather 200x Monson Orakii Tokens: Get Essential Turtleneck
  • Gather 200x Monson Orakii Tokens: Get Void Genotype Bundle
  • Gather 150x Monson Orakii Tokens: Get Lacuna Genotype Bundle
  • Gather 120x Monson Orakii Tokens: Get Silent Statement Bundle
  • Gather 50x Monson Orakii Tokens: Get Sports Car Ventus
  • Gather 30x Monson Orakii Tokens: Get Treble Dagger

Follow the steps to collect items from the new M.O. Ring: Free Fire MAX

  • Step 1: Select the M.O. Ring event from the event section of Free Fire MAX.
  • Step 2: Select a desired number of spins and get random rewards.

Lucky players might get the desired bundle directly by spinning. Others can utilize the exchange feature by gathering enough Monson Orakii Tokens.

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