The New Chroma Cards event in Free Fire MAX is offering a free Jock Shock Bundle

Today Free Fire community of the Indian server has got a new event campaign named ‘Chroma Futura’. Such event campaigns are most awaited as players can get exciting outfits. Those items are being offered through various events. Chroma Cards event is a new name among that list. The event commenced along with the Chroma Futura campaign and contains premium outfits, skins, and more.

All You Need to Know about the new Chroma Cards event: Chroma Futura

The following event began on February 24, 2023, and will remain in the game till March 10, 2023. Here, players are getting an exclusive costume, the Jock Shock Bundle. The requirement is to complete the specified progress mission. Some unique cards need to be collected. Such as Green Avatar, Blue Banner, Purple Motorbike, Pink Backpack, and Red Bundle. Players will encounter five stages in this event. Each stage required a specified number of cards for completion. Players have to make spins using the special ‘Chroma Data Chip’ tokens for getting those cards. Moreover, there are several other items available apart from the main bundle such as a motorbike skin and a backpack skin.

Rewards are available at the new Chroma Cards event in Free Fire MAX

  • Complete Stage 1: Get Technojoy Avatar
  • Complete Stage 2: Get Technocity Banner
  • Complete Stage 3: Get Motorbike – Techno Joy
  • Complete Stage 4: Get Techno Joy Backpack
  • Complete Stage 5: Get Jock Shock Bundle

How to claim the Jock Shock Bundle from the Chroma Cards event

  • Step 1: First, open up Free Fire MAX on your device. Now, head over to the special Chroma Cards web event.
  • Step 2: After opening the Chroma Cards event interface, tap on the crate in the center to collect your rewards. Now, go to the vault section to equip them.

Players can equip the Avatar and Banner from the Profile tab, the Motorbike from the Vehicle tab, Backpack through the Collection tab, and the Jock Shock Bundle from the Fashion tab. Since the event is completely free, players should not miss it.

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