How to get free Technojoy Pan for free in Free Fire MAX this week: Work Hard Play Hard

A new event has been introduced under the Chroma Futura event in Free Fire MAX with exciting rewards. The following event is another playtime event of the Chroma Futura event. This time players will get Pan – Technojoy, Craftland Room Card, and 10x Chroma Data Chips. The complete detail about the event is discussed below.

A new playtime event in Free Fire MAX is offering Pan – Technojoy: Chroma Futura

The Work Hard Play Hard event started on March 3, 2023, as part of the Chroma Futura event campaign. Players can access the event and utilize it till March 6, 2023. The event has some simple missions which need to be fulfilled for the rewards. The requirement is to play the game for a certain period and get freebies along with the very new Technojoy Pan. Since the rewards are successive players can collect all the rewards by playing the battle royale game for a total of 200 minutes. Moreover, there is no restriction regarding the mode so any mode can be played. Just be sure to survive for enough time.

Complete the reward list of the new Work Hard Play Hard event: Chroma Futura

  • Play 100 minutes: Get a 10x Chroma Data Chips for free
  • Play 150 minutes: Get a Pan – Technojoy for free
  • Play 200 minutes: Get a Craftland Room Card for free

How to get free Pan-Technojoy from Free Fire MAX this week

  • Step 1: Open your Free Fire MAX and select a mode where you can survive for a long. Players are suggested not to play in the clash squad as the survival time is very low. Check out the progress from the event interface
  • Step 2: To open the event interface first click on the calendar icon. Then go to the Chroma Futura tab and open Work Hard Play Hard. 
  • Step 3: The claim button will be available after the missions get completed. Tap on the Claim button to receive your rewards

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