How to get the Corrupted Vein Bundle from Free Fire MAX Chroma Store section

Free Fire has introduced the latest event of the new Chroma Futura campaign in the game. It is called the Chroma store and is featured by Holy eve. There are wide arrays of cosmetics but the Corrupted Vein Bundle is the main attraction. Players have the option to buy their desired cosmetics directly through the Chroma Store. However, the grand items require some conditions to be fulfilled.

A New Chroma Store event is available for this week Free Fire MAX

The new Chroma Store event started on March 8, 2023, and players will have until March 14, 2023, to complete the requirements and increase their collection. It is a unique event that contains five sets of colors. Each section has six attractive items at a heavily discounted price. Diamonds are required to make a purchase. The grand prize is the Corrupted Vein Bundle. To unlock it first, players have to obtain an item from each set. Let’s check out the various items that are available in the new Chroma Store.

Prize pool of the new Chroma Store event

First set: Power (Red)

  • 50x Evo Token: Scar
  • Evil Slayer bundle
  • Parang: Keyboard
  • Scythe: Snow
  • 10x MP5 Legend Box: Mr. Nutcracker
  • Skywing: Flame Wings

Second set: Action (Yellow)

  • 50x Hyperbook Token
  • Wilderness Hunter Bundle
  • 5x Room Card
  • Rap Swag Emote
  • MP5/P90/SCAR/AWM theme Box _ Old Fashioned
  • Vehicle: Smooth Ride

Third set: Compassion (Green)

  • 50x Evo Token: M1014
  • Plague Doctor bundle
  • Banne: Doctor of Plague
  • Gloo Wall: Pink Wink
  • MAG-7: Hurricane
  • Avatar: The Doc

Fourth set: Expression (Blue)

  • 50x Hyperbook Token
  • Weekend Runner Bundle
  • 5x Craftland Room card
  • Katana: Indigo Burn
  • MAG-7: Lethal
  • Loot Box: Otherworldly

Fifth set: Clarity (Purple)

  • 50x Evo Token: AN94
  • Shadow Striker Bundle
  • Backpack: Bejeweled
  • Pan: Cyber Bounty Hunter
  • 10x AN94 Legend Box: Spikey Spine
  • Skyboard: Maniacal Chainsaw

Guide to getting the desired Corrupted Vein Bundle from the event

  • Step 1: Open the Chroma Futura section in Free Fire MAX and select the Chroma Store option.
  • Step 2: Purchase items from each section to receive the Corrupted Vein Bundle.

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