Free Fire update March 2023: Upcoming OB39 official release date and expected time

Free Fire is a popular battle royale game and it requires certain up gradation for providing a better in-game experience. Developers incorporate OB updates to the game from time to time and launch various all-new features, modes, maps, and many more. So, the excitement is always high regarding the next OB update. Thanks to the advance server, the leaks about the upcoming features in Free Fire OB39 update are already leaked in the community. Recently, Free Fire announced the release of the update officially and revealed its posters to highlight the major changes. Hence the overall hype goes through the roof already. Players are going to get character skill awards, a new character system, and CS and BR rewards in the upcoming update. Moreover, there will be plenty of new events and freebies after the event’s conclusion.

Free Fire upcoming OB39 update official Release date and Time

The next Free Fire OB39 update will be available to the community of the Indian server on March 22, 2023. However, the release time is not been announced yet. Usually, the Update patch is introduced through a long maintenance break. So, there is a high possibility that the upcoming update patch will launch at 5:30 am (GMT +0).

Upcoming Features of Free Fire OB39 Update Patch: Official Information

Character System Revamp

The entire Character system is going to change after the launch of the next OB update. Players will be able to buy the characters using Gold. Also, they will have max skill slots and levels by default. Pet skills will face the same changes as well. Multiple Characters will be balanced in the next update. The list goes as mentioned: Dasha, Otho, Xayne, and Ford.

CS and BR Rank reset and New Rewards

There will be a new Super Revival Card in the regular version. The BR mode will have an increased speed of vehicles which will help in better transportation.

Though all of the above information is confirmed by the developers in Free Fire MAX, the above-mentioned additions, and changes will only be confirmed after the launch of the Free Fire OB39 update in the game.

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