Free Fire MAX offering free P90 – Xtreme Adventures this week: OB39 special

Players of Free Fire MAX are waiting for the upcoming OB39 update with great enthusiasm. To boost their spirits a bit more, developers have brought in a new event where players have the opportunity to earn many freebies. The main attraction of the event is that they will get a permanent gun skin of P90 – Xtreme Adventures for completely free. The mission assigned to it is to sign in to the Free Fire MAX for five days. The gun has a cool appearance with a decent set of attributes.

P90 – Xtreme Adventures is now available in Free Fire MAX for free

The said event commenced on March 18, 2023, and will be available until March 25, 2023. Players will get some freebies along with the P90 – Xtreme Adventures. The gun skin has an increased rate of fire and more firing range. But, the magazine size is reduced slightly. The vibrant yellow and purple color scheme provides a very appealing look. Players should not miss it as they have to sign into the game for five days only. Let’s check out the requirements for the event alongside the specified rewards.

Complete the Prize List of the Following event

  • Log in 1 time: Get a Supply Crate Play Card (3 days) for free
  • Log in 2 times: Get an Armor Crate Play Card (3 days) for free
  • Log in 3 times: Get a Scan Play Card (3 days) for free
  • Log in 4 times: Get a Bonfire Play Card (3 days) for free
  • Log in 5 times: Get a P90 – Xtreme Adventure for free

Complete guide to getting the P90 – Xtreme Adventures and more in Free Fire MAX

Players can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: First, open Free Fire MAX for five days. After that, head to the event section and select the OB39: 22/3 tab.
  • Step 2: Choose the option of OB39: Free Gun Skin event section.
  • Step 3: There will be a ‘claim’ button beside each of the rewards. Tap on those to obtain.

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