Upcoming M1014 Scorpio Shatter Evo gun skin leaked: Free Fire MAX OB39

A new Evo gun skin is on its way to being launched in Free Fire MAX Indian server. Evo guns are one of the most premium items available in the game. The reason is evo guns are very costly and offer tons of features like unique Kill Feed, Firing Shot, Animation, Emote, Special Effects, etc. The OB39 update has been launched recently and the data miners already leaked the news of an upcoming Evo gun. The name is the M1014 Scorpio Shatter. It is expected to be added to Free Fire MAX in the upcoming month. From the leaked images we came to know that it has an amazing combination of red, silver, and black colors.

M1014 Scorpio Shatter Evo gun will arrive in Free Fire MAX

The M1014 Scorpio Shatter will be the latest addition to the already existing evo guns in Free Fire. Every evo guns are unique and the specifications are also different from each other. The M1014 Scorpio Shatter will have a unique feature called ‘Elimination Count’. The elimination count is the number of eliminated enemies in both CS and BR (Ranked and casual) mode which will be shown in the lobby. The count will constantly be accumulated. However, players need to upgrade the gun to level 3 to use this feature. It will have upgrades up to level 8. After reaching to the end level, players can customize the firing and reload sounds during gameplay. Let’s check out the amazing attributes that will be possessed by the mighty M1014 Scorpio Shatter.


  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Armour Penetration +
  • Movement Speed –

Players can expect the all-new evo gun skin through a new faded wheel event. However, evo guns require a lot of diamonds for upgrading. Players will get the basic version from the event. So, get ready with diamonds if you truly desire to get the M1014 Scorpio Shatter.

Check out the leaked images of the M1014 Scorpio Shatter: Free Fire MAX

M1014 Scorpio Shatter Level 1

M1014 Scorpio Shatter: Level 2

M1014 Scorpio Shatter: Hit Effect

M1014 Scorpio Shatter: Kill Effect

M1014 Scorpio Shatter: Exclusive Emote

M1014 Scorpio Shatter: Ultimate Form

M1014 Scorpio Shatter: Final Shot

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    Evo m1014 return plss dragon
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