The New Playtime event in Free Fire MAX is offering free Rage Projectile Loot Box

The ongoing Alvaro: Reignition event campaign has introduced a variety of events on Free Fire MAX already. Players have witnessed some free for all events also. It seems like developers have more to offer. A new playtime event will be available soon offering cool cosmetics for free. The event has some activities and players need to complete them for the freebies.

Clock Your Play Time to Win Rage Projectile Loot Box for free

The following event is teased in Free Fire MAX as ‘Clock Your Play Time to Win’ but is not available yet. Developers will launch it on March 31, 2023. The event will be available until April 3, 2023. Players have to clock their playtime to win multiple items from here. The rewards include the Rage Projectile Loot Box, Diamond Royale Voucher, and special Boom Boom tokens. Remember, that there is no mention of the mode restrictions to fulfill the requirements. Hence, players are free to play in any mode they like. Also, the requirements are not separate. So, each moment of playtime in Free Fire MAX will be counted toward all rewards. Players can unlock all three rewards by spending 180 minutes in the game.

Complete the Reward list of the new Playtime event in Free Fire MAX

  • Play 100 minutes: Get a Diamond Royale Voucher for free
  • Play 150 minutes: Get 10x Boom Boom tokens
  • Play 180 minutes: Get Rage Projectile Loot Box for free

Guide to access the event and get the latest Rage Projectile Loot Box

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX on the device and then play any of your preferred game modes to meet the playtime requirements.
  • Step 2: After fulfilling the missions head to the event section by pressing the calendar icon.
  • Step 3: Now, choose the Alvaro: Reignition tab and then select ‘Ignite the Fire’.

Step 4: When the rewards will be unlocked, tap on the claim button available beside the rewards to acquire Rage Projectile Loot Box and the Diamond royale voucher for

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