How to get free Incubator, Diamond, and Weapon Royale vouchers from the new Pet Smash mode in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire community gets to enjoy a variety of cool cosmetics within the game from various events. But the problem is most of them are quite expensive so everyone cannot access those events. Fortunately, there is a premium Luck Royale section that offers free participation. Such are Diamond royale, Weapon Royale, and incubator. Each of them is equally premium and offers a premium set of collectibles. Apart from the diamonds players can use vouchers to make spins there. The recently added Pet Smash mode is offering a rare opportunity from where players can gather vouchers for all three events.

Get various rewards from the Play Pet Smash event this week

The Pet Smash mode was launched in Free Fire MAX Indian server on March 31, 2023. Along with the mode a new mode is also made available on the exact day. The name follows the Play Pet Smash event. It will be accessible till April 6, 2023. Players have to play in the Pet Smash mode to get rewards. In Pet Smash Mode, players have to compete against one another in 2vs2 combat. The requirement is to defeat opponents’ pets as many times as possible during the match. Moreover, by doing so players will be able to make progress in the Play Pet Smash event and unlock certain vouchers.

Available rewards in the new Play Pet Smash event

  • Play 5 minutes of pet Smash: Get a Random Loadout loot crate for free
  • Play 10 minutes of pet Smash: Get a Diamond Royale voucher for free
  • Play 20 minutes of pet Smash: Get a Weapon Royale voucher for free
  • Play 30 minutes of pet Smash: Get an Incubator voucher for free

Access the Play Pet Smash event to get cool vouchers for free

  • Step 1: First, Open Free Fire MAX and log in to your account.
  • Step 2: After that, select the Pet Smash mode and play matches. Here, players can select one out of three pets which are Detective Panda, Mr. Waggor, and Oterro. Select one and play games.
  • Step 3: Play in the mod for 30 minutes to unlock all the rewards.

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