Free Fire’s upcoming Booyah Pass Season 5 for May 2023: Freestyle Brakes Bundle and more revealed

The recent Free Fire advance server for the OB39 update has leaked various leaks about the upcoming events, and outfits. Booyah Pass is the latest version of the previously known Elite Pass. It provides a series of cosmetics based on a particular theme. Currently, the new Season 4 Booyah Pass is been launched in the game and some data miners already leaked the items of the May 2023 Booyah Pass or Season 5 Booyah Pass. The rumors are suggesting that it will contain various premium items like Freestyle Spins Bundle, Freestyle Brakes Bundle, Moonwalker Charge Buster, and more.

Release Date of Free Fire Season 5 Booyah Pass for May 2023

The next S5 Booyah Pass will be introduced on May 1, 2023, in Free Fire MAX Indian server. Well, players can expect the pre-ordering for the same from 28 April 2023, in the game.

Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 5: Complete Details

Free Fire Booyah Pass season starts at the beginning of every month and continues in the game for the entire month. The following Booyah pass will be inspired by the Skateboard theme. Players can get various premium collectibles for free. However, some of the cooler items require diamonds for unlocking. The next Booyah Pass will cost 499 Diamonds for the Premium variant. The Premium Plus option will require 999 Diamonds. The premium plus version costs more as it will allow players to go up to 200 levels. Also, players will unlock all the rewards until Level 50 instantly after purchasing the Plus version.

Various rewards leaked for Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 5

These are the items for Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 5 that been revealed yet:

Level 1 – Charge Buster – Moonwalker (30 days)

Level 10 – Freestyle Spins Bundle

Level 30 – Zesty Rollers Loot Box

Level 40 – Tuk Tuk Bright Stripes

Level 50 – Freestyle Brakes Bundle

Level 70 – Wheels of the Future

Level 130 – Zesty Rollers Backpack

Level 140 – Grace on Wheels emote

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