How to get a free Blast ‘n’ Shrug Grenade from Free Fire MAX’s new Elimination King Event

Free Fire always provides premium in-game collectibles through different events. Usually, most of them are expensive (require diamonds). However, sometimes developers offer cool items for free. Today, they have brought in a cool new grenade skin for the community. The best part is players can avail of it for free. The event’s name is The Elimination King. It will surely give an attractive vibe during the match. The mighty grenade is made available through the ongoing Alvaro: Reignition event campaign. Players have to complete given missions to be eligible for the grenade skin.

The New Elimination King event is providing mythic Grenade skin for free in Free Fire MAX

The Elimination King event started on April 4, 2023, in the Indian server and will remain till April 6, 2023. Here, players require to eliminate 20 enemies in CS-ranked mode for unlocking the rewards. Since it is not a very difficult task, many will get it. An average kill of five per match will be enough for the missions. Moreover, the tasks are successive so a total of 20 kills will provide both rewards. The Grenade skin has a very cool after-blast effect. It would cost 499 diamonds if purchased from the in-game store. So, players should not miss this opportunity.

Rewards available in the new Elimination King event

  • Eliminate 10 Enemies in CS-Ranked: Get 2x Mr. Nutcracker Weapon Loot Crate for free
  • Eliminate 20 Enemies in CS-Ranked: Get Grenade – Blast ‘n’ Shrug for free

How to access the event and collect Blast ‘n’ Shrug grenade this week

The first requirement is to secure 20 kills in CS-Ranked mode. After accomplishing it players can follow the steps mentioned below to claim the Blast ‘n’ Shrug grenade from the Elimination King event:

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX and press the “Calendar” button to get access to the in-game events section.
  • Step 2: Now, find the “Elimination King” event available under the “Alvaro: Reignition” tab and tap on it.
  • Step 3: Finally, claim your rewards by pressing the “Claim” button available beside the

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