How to get Desert Greatknife for free from Free Fire MAX New Playtime event: Emerald Storm

The ongoing emerald storm is a Ramadan-themed event campaign that has brought in various events in Free Fire MAX Indian server. Today a new playtime event has been added to the game in which a new Parang skin has been introduced. The item is available for free but players have to unlock it by playing certain in-game missions. Apart from the skin, there are also some free collectibles.

Desert Greatknife is now available in the New Playtime Challenge event on the Emerald storm section

The Playtime event has been launched on April 14, 2023, and will be available until April 18, 2023. The requirement is to complete some playtime challenges and unlock various rewards. Players can play in any desired mode they want. The event has no mode restrictions. The missions are cumulative so players will be able to unlock all three rewards at once. They have to spend 150 minutes in Free Fire MAX of the Indian server and they will get the very cool Desert Greatknife along with a scanner and pet food. All the rewards are free so it is worth trying. The Desert Greatknife is a very cool item and has aesthetic green-colored visuals. It would cost at least 199 diamonds in the Free Fire MAX Store section.

Prize pool of the new Ramadan Playtime Challenge event

  • Play 50 minutes: Get a Scanner for free
  • Play 100 minutes: Get Pet Food for free
  • Play 150 minutes: Get Desert Greatknife for free

Complete the steps to access the new Playtime Challenge and get the desired Playtime Challenge event

  • Step 1: Players have to open Free Fire MAX on their device first.
  • Step 2: Then select a desired game mode from the mode section tab and play. Since the requirement is set at 150 minutes players can have three match sessions of 50 minutes each for unlocking all the rewards.
  • Step 3: After that, head towards the calendar icon, and from the Emerald Storm section select the new playtime challenge event section. Collect rewards.

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