How to get a new Pop-Pow Gloo wall for free from the Free Fire MAX Top-Up event

Free Fire MAX never disappoints players in terms of launching exciting events. Top-up events are very popular in the community as players can get free rewards for purchasing a certain number of diamonds. Developers have launched a new top-up vent called pop-pow top-up. There are two exclusive skins of Sickle and Gloo Wall. Players who purchase diamonds regularly should not miss the chance.

New Pop-Pow Top-Up event offering Gloo Wall – PopPow in Free Fire MAX

The event was launched on April 19, 2023, for the Free Fire MAX Indian server and will remain in the game until April 25, 2023. The mission is to buy a certain number of diamonds. The Gloo Wall – PopPow and Pop-Pow Sickle have a very funky look that will surely get a lot of attention. First, players have to open Free Fire MAX and navigate to the top-up center. For that, press the ‘diamond’ button available at the top corner of the home lobby. Then open the top-up interface and select a preferred option. There will be various options like

  • INR 80: 100 diamonds
  • INR 240: 310 diamonds
  • INR 400: 520 diamonds
  • INR 800: 1060 diamonds
  • INR 1600: 2180 diamonds
  • INR 4000: 5600 diamonds

After choosing, complete the payment procedure using a secured option. The best option is to purchase 310 diamonds which will cost INR 240. Thus, they can utilize both rewards. Players can use the purchased diamonds in the future for various luck royale, Booyah pass, and web events.

Complete the reward list of the new Pop-Pow Top-Up event in Free Fire MAX

  • Buy 100 Diamonds: Get Pop-Pow Sickle for free
  • Buy 300 diamonds: Get Gloo Wall – PopPow for free

Follow these steps to get rewards from the PopPow Top Up

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX and click the ‘calendar’ icon to open the Pop-Pow Top-Up event.
  • Step 2: If the rewards are unlocked then click the “Claim” button to receive those. The Pop-Pow Sickle and Gloo Wall – PopPow can be equipped from the “Armory” section.

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