How to get the new Sublime Scorpio M60 from Scorpio Top Up event in Free Fire MAX

A new event named Arctic Blue was launched recently and it was a very premium event that requires a lot of diamonds. Hence, many players were willing to purchase diamonds. To encourage more, Free Fire has launched a new Top Up event offering an all-new M60 skin for free. Top Up events are mostly launched to encourage players for purchasing diamonds. Players also love such events as they can get cool items for free along with topping up diamonds. The recent top-up event is called the Scorpio Top-Up and contains an M60 skin and a dagger skin.

The new Scorpio Top-Up event is offering cool rewards in Free Fire MAX this week

The Scorpio Top-Up event commenced on May 3, 2023, and will run until May 8, 2023, in Free Fire MAX of the Indian server. There are two exclusive items: the Scorpio Dagger and the M60 – Sublime Scorpio. Players only have to buy 300 diamonds to get both of the items from the following Scorpio Top-Up event. The M60 skin has a great crimson-red color and possesses extraordinary attributes. Players who will own the gun will have greater advantages in the gameplay.

Complete the prize list in the new Scorpio Top-Up event

  • Purchase 100 diamonds: Get a Scorpio Dagger for free
  • Purchase 300 diamonds: Get a M60 – Sublime Scorpio for free

The best option is to purchase the diamond pack of 310 diamonds for 240 Rupees. This option allows players to get both rewards at once since the requirements are cumulative.

Follow the steps to get access to the Scorpio Top-Up event and get rewards

  • Step 1: Open up your Free Fire MAX game and log in to your account. From the home screen click on the ‘plus’ icon to open the top-up interface.
  • Step 2: Choose the option you want to buy and complete the transaction process by a suitable method.
  • Step 3: Now, head to the ‘calendar’ icon and open the ‘event’ interface. From there select the Scorpio Top-Up event and collect your rewards.  

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