How to get Glare Facepaint, Motorbike, and more from Free Fire Scorpio Top-Up II event

Free Fire again launched a Scorpio Top Up event today featuring all-new and exclusive rewards. This time officials did not hesitate to offer premium items through a top up event. Because, from the new Scorpio Top Up II event players can win a Pan skin, a Motorbike skin, and a cool Facepaint for free.  The only requirement is to top up certain diamonds and the rewards will be unlocked. The event is the second Scorpio themed event for the game.

New Scorpio Top Up II event under the Project Crimson campaign

The event is launched on May 9, 2023, and will remain till May 15, 2023. The main attraction of the Scorpio Top Up II event is the Scorpio Glare which is a Facepaint containing great visuals. The flaming red animation will increase the overall appearance of the skin. Moreover, players can collect Scorpio Pan and Scorpio Motorbike from the event. Players can accumulate all rewards by purchasing 500 diamonds only.

Complete Prize list of the Scorpio Top Up II event

  • Top Up 100 diamonds: Get a free Pan – Scorpio
  • Top Up 300 diamonds: Get a free Motorbike – Scorpio
  • Top Up 500 diamonds: Get free Scorpio Glare

Purchase 520 diamonds worth 400 rupees for unlocking all of the above rewards at once. However, players can also make separate purchases of diamonds within the event period.

How to access the Scorpio Top Up II event and get rewards

  • Step 1: Open the Free Fire MAX app on your device and then head straight to the Top-up section. Then there will be a list of options for purchasing diamonds. You can select any one of those but the pack of 520 diamonds will be enough for the event.
  • Step 2: Now, buy the diamond set and fulfill the transaction process by a secured method.
  • Step 3: After the diamonds get added to the game, go to the event section and open the Project Crimson tab. Choose the event called Select Scorpio Top-Up 2 and claim rewards.

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