Collect Scorpio Backpack from the Knockout event in Free Fire MAX

Within a few days, Free Fire introduced another Knockout event in the game. This time they incorporated an all-new skin of Backpack under the Project Crimson campaign. Here, players don’t have to spend their time in gameplay. Rather than, a few amounts of diamonds will unlock all the items. The backpack is very attractive and will get the attention of many during the gameplay.

The knockout event in Free Fire MAX is offering Scorpio Backpack this week

The Knockout event is launched on May 10, 2023, and contains a variety of rewards including the Scorpio Backpack. It will be accessible till May 16, 2023. The rules are similar to any faded wheel event. Players can use diamonds to make spin and win the Scorpio Backpack early. This will save them many diamonds as the cost increases with each subsequent spin. If the grand prize is already obtained it will be converted to the Fallback tokens. The costs of diamonds per spin for the Knock Out event are as follows:

  • First spin: 9 Diamonds
  • Second spin: 19 diamonds
  • Third spin: 49 diamonds
  • Fourth spin: 199 diamonds

So the total cost of acquiring all the rewards comes down to 276 diamonds only. However, if you do not find the backpack attractive it will be a waste of diamonds to participate in the event. At that price, Free Fire offers way better items at the Top Up event which are also free.

Complete the Reward list of the Knockout event: Project Crimson

  • Scorpio Backpack
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Pet Food
  • Cube Fragments

How to open the Knockout event under Project Crimson and get rewards

  • Step 1: The first requirement is to sign up for the account in Free Fire MAX Indian server. Then, players can click the ‘calendar’ icon from the right-hand side to open the Project Crimson tab.
  • Step 2: Now, select the Scorpio Backpack tab and press the ‘go to’ button. The event interface will be opened.
  • Step 3: After opening the Knockout event spend diamonds to make spins. The rewards will be automatically directed to the in-game vault section.

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