The Orion character is finally launched in Free Fire MAX India: Project Crimson

The free Fire community was waiting for the Orion character long time. The character was the most sought-after item of the OB39 update. Well, Orion is finally launched in the game and can be obtained for free. Players have to complete the mission under Crimson Project and the new character will be theirs. Similar to other previous characters Orion has its kind of skill set and ability. So, it will be a bad decision to miss the opportunity.

How to get the new Orion Character for Free

The event in which the Orion is available was launched on May 12, 2023, for Free Fire MAX Indian server. The event will be available in the game till May 30, 2023. So, players can participate in the event and have time to complete it. Special Crimson energy tokens are essential for the event. Those can be collected from the Daily missions easily. The missions refreshed at 4.00.00 AM (IST). The collected Crimson energy tokens should be used to unlock certain levels. Each level contains milestone rewards and after reaching Level 4 players will be rewarded with an Orion character for free. Here are the all mile stone rewards:

  • Level 1: Get Unveiled Truth banner
  • Level 2: Get Unveiled Truth Avatar
  • Level 3: Get Orion’s Vengeful Beast bundle
  • Level 4: Get Orion

The Project Crimson is offering premium rewards this week so players must try to get all of them. Orion has a great list of skills. It can block enemies’ attacks while dealing damage to them. However, users can not attack players during this period. For this, Orion uses 300 EPs. This great skill is called the ‘Crimson Crush’. Players can combine it with another skill set to get better benefits.

Complete the steps to access the event and collect Orion for free

  • Step 1: open Free Fire MAX and head to the Project Crimson tab under the ‘Calendar’ button.
  • Step 2: From there select the Free Orion event interface and click the ‘go to’ button.
  • Step 3: Now, complete the missions and get Orion character and bundle for free.

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