How to get a free Scorpio Grenade and Scorpio Backpack from Project Crimson: Free Fire MAX

The Project Crimson campaign has brought cool freebies to Free Fire MAX recently. The following campaign had been in the game for a while and launched a plethora of events. Most of them contain premium cosmetics and require lots of diamonds for participating. But, the following event is offering a very premium grenade skin for free. Grenades are melee weapon that becomes lethal if used in a good position. One can knock out several enemies at once with just one grenade. So grenade is a widely used item in the Free Fire MAX and it will be very cool to own a legendary skin. Moreover, the requirements are so simple that players don’t have to spend extra time on the missions.

The new Scorpio Grenade is now available for free in Project Crimson

The Scorpio Grenade was launched on May 19, 2023, in Free Fire MAX Indian server and will continue up to May 23, 2023. It is a simple playtime event means players only have to play in Free Fire MAX. To unlock the Scorpio Grenade, 180 minutes of playtime is necessary. Eventually, players will unlock all three items from the prize pool by doing so.  The grenade skin has a very nice after-burst animation so it will be worth collecting. The same would cost around a few hundred diamonds but players are getting it for absolutely free.

Complete Prize pool of the Scorpio Grenade Playtime event

  • Play 50 minutes: Get a Random loot crate for free
  • Play 100 minutes: Get Scorpio Backpack for free
  • Play 180 minutes: Get a Scorpio Grenade for free

How to access the event and get the Scorpio Grenade for free

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX of the Indian server first.
  • Step 2: now, play Free Fire MAX on your device for 180 minutes. You can select any game mode available.
  • Step 3: Then click the ‘calendar’ icon which is available on the left side of the home screen. After that go through the ‘’ Project Crimson’ section and choose the Scorpio Grenade tab.
  • Step 4: click the claim button.

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