How to get free Fire Bones M500 from the new ‘Play with Friends’ event in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX keeps adding all-new events to keep players entertained. There are a plethora of events and all of them differ from each other. Most of the premium events cost many diamonds which makes it very hard to participate for a lot of players. So, Free Fire also launches cool items through free events. One such event has launched today and is providing a cool skin of M500 for free.

Fire Bones M500 is now available in the new ‘Play with Friends’ event

The event has been introduced on May 28, 2023, for Free Fire MAX Indian server. Players can participate in this event till June 6, 2023. The event is called ‘Play with Friends’. The requirements are very simple as players only have to play with their friends. Moreover, there is no mode restriction so players can choose to play in those Free Fire modes which have short duration like Clash Squad. The rewards are very attractive. Players can earn the Fire Bones M500 and many more rewards for absolutely free. The Fire Bones M500 gun skin has a very deadly look of its vibrant violet color. The gun also possesses great attributes like increased range.


  • Range +                       
  • Armour penetration +
  • reload speed –

So, players should not miss the opportunity to get the Fire Bones M500 and weapon royale vouchers for free.

Complete the prize list of the new ‘Play with Friends’ event containing Fire Bones M500

  • Play 1 Matches with Friends: Get 500 gold for free
  • Play 3 Matches with Friends: Get a surprise gift for free
  • Play 5 Matches with Friends: Get 2 Gold royal vouchers for free
  • Play 8 Matches with Friends: Get 2 weapon royal vouchers for free
  • Play 8 Matches with Friends: Get Fire Bones M500 for free

Steps to access the event and get Fire Bones M500 along with Weapon Royale vouchers

  • Step 1: open Free Fire MAX and head to the ‘event’ section after tapping on the ‘calendar’ icon.
  • Step 2: Now, Open the following event and get your Fire Bones M500 and more rewards.

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