New Spider-Verse Moony pet skin is now available in Free Fire MAX: Spider Verse

The most awaited collaboration between Free Fire MAX and Spider Verse is live in the game now. The collaboration has brought in a new event campaign called ‘spider verse’. Under that campaign a new event is launched today offering a cool Moony pet skin for free. Such free rewards are a blessing for the Free Fire community as most of the time; premium cosmetics require diamonds (in-game currency) for obtaining. Players have to complete the specific missions to get many rewards along with the two moony pet skins. One of the themes is inspired by the spider verse theme.

Get the new Spider-Verse Moony pet skin for free from the spider verse event

The following event is launched on Deal Damage for Moony event on the Free Fire MAX Indian server on June 9, 2023. Players will have the chance to get rewards till June 15, 2023. The event contains three items but the main attraction is the Spider-Verse Moony. It is a skin of Moony inspired by the spider verse. Hence, players who are a die-hard fans of Spider-man will surely want to get this. However, the requirements are very easy and simple.  Players only have to deal with damages to the enemy for unlocking their rewards. Thus they will complete the missions and be able to get the items for free. The requirements for the new ‘deal damage’ event are given below:

Complete the reward list of the new ‘deal damage to win the event in Free Fire MAX

  • Deal 5000 damage: Get a free Bonfire
  • Deal 10000 damage: Get a free Spider-Verse Moony
  • Deal 20000 damage: Get a free Moony pet

The complete prize pool is worth more than 499 diamonds in total.  Moreover, players can acquire all rewards by dealing 20000 damage. They can play in Clash Squad mode to get high damage per event as there are no mode restrictions. 

Access the event to get the Spider-Verse Moony pet skin for free

  • Step 1: Open your Free Fire MAX account and then play in Clash Squad mode. 
  • Step 2: after fulfilling the missions get your desired Spider-Verse Moony.

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