How to get the new Punk Guitar Skyboard from the latest event in Free Fire MAX

Skyboard is a unique item used during the landing from the airplane in Free Fire MAX. Players can use the Skyboard to surf through the air and land in their desired location. Hence, it is a very essential cosmetic, and Free Fire offers a plethora of cool skins for the Skyboard. The Spider-Verse X Free Fire MAX collaboration is going live in the game and it brought in a cool event containing the Punk Guitar Skyboard. It is fully inspired by the Spider-Verse theme and has great aesthetics.

Get the new Punk Guitar Skyboard from Free Fire MAX This week

The event is launched today on June 13, 2023, in the Indian server of Free Fire MAX and will remain available until June 18, 2023. The event requires certain missions to be fulfilled for the rewards. Players have to eliminate a given number of enemies to unlock the Punk Guitar Skyboard. Moreover, there are a few ordinary rewards available which will be unlocked along with the Skyboard skin. The Punk Guitar Skyboard has spider-themed graffiti and cool animation. It will attract much attention while lancing for sure. Players can avail of it for free so it is a great opportunity. Well, some can think that eliminating enemies could be a tough job but be assured as there is no restriction on game mode. So, players can play in Clash Squad mode to fulfill the missions easily and quickly.

Rewards available in the new event in Free Fire MAX

  • Eliminate 15 enemies: Get a random loadout loot crate
  • Eliminate 30 enemies: Get a Weapon loot Crate
  • Eliminate 60 enemies: Get the Punk Guitar Skyboard

How to access the event and get Punk Guitar Skyboard from Free Fire MAX

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX and first select the game mode which is suitable for getting a high number of elimination.
  • Step 2: Punish as many enemies as you can and check from time to time whether the missions are completed or not.
  • Step 3: Claim your desired Punk Guitar Skyboard for free.  

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