All you need to know about the upcoming Chromasonic MP40 evo gun skin in Free Fire MAX

MP40 is a very popular and widely used SMG gun in the Free Fire MAX community. There are quite a few Evo gun skins available for this particular gun. Players, who don’t know about evo gun skins, let us tell you that these are the most premium gun skins in the game. These possess not only great aesthetics and attributes but tons of different features. Some popular Free Fire data miners have leaked some information about the arrival of a new Evo gun skin of MP40 featured by the Trap theme. The name is the Chromasonic MP40. Just like any other previously launched evo skins, players will get Kill Feed, Firing Shot, Animation, Emote, Special Effects, etc.

Chromasonic MP40 evo gun skin in Free Fire MAX features and specification

The Chromasonic MP40 will arrive within the upcoming weeks in the Free Fire MAX Indian server. Similar to the Chromasonic MP40, the Chromasonic MP40 will also have a feature called ‘Elimination Count’. It will be a number in which the total count of eliminated enemies will be displayed. It will be available for both CS and BR versions. Players should not forget that the Chromasonic MP40 offers a plethora of features but all of them require to be unlocked by some tokens. Those tokens can be collected from the same event in which the Chromasonic MP40 will be launched. Moreover, players can purchase those tokens later from the store section with diamonds.


  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Armour Penetration +
  • Movement Speed –

The classic skin of MP40 already has great rat off fire compared to other gun skins hence the new Chromasonic MP40 will be more deadly. Upgrading the gun skin will cost a lot of diamonds judging the rarity and the looks. 

Leaked images of Chromasonic MP40 in Free Fire MAX

Chromasonic MP40: Level 1

Chromasonic MP40: Level 3

Chromasonic MP40: Hit Effect

Chromasonic MP40: Elimination Effect

Chromasonic MP40: Exclusive Emote

Chromasonic MP40: Ultimate Form

Chromasonic MP40: Final Shot

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