Free Fire OB41 Update (August 2023) Details: Release Date, New Characters, New Mode, New options & Much More

Free Fire’s OB41 update is expected to release on August 2, 2023. Like the previous updates, the upcoming OB41 update will also bring many new changes and additions to the game. This article will share all the leaks available to us about Free Fire’s (FF) new OB41 update.

Free Fire OB41 Update Release Date

Free Fire’s upcoming OB41 Update, expected in August 2023, might launch on 2nd, August 2022. The developers haven’t confirmed this yet, but our regular readers at Free Fire Booyah! Know we often make accurate predictions. So, there’s a good chance our expert guess is right again.

Free Fire OB41 Update New Features

Free Fire is getting an exciting update soon called OB41. It will bring cool new stuff and say goodbye to some old things. As we get closer to the release date, we’ll hear more leaks from different sources. In this post, we’ll talk about the leaks we know as of today.

1. New Character – Suzy

Suzy is a remarkable passive skill character in the game. When you choose to play with her, you will have the opportunity to earn FF coins as you progress. With FF coins in your possession, you gain access to the vending machine, where you can purchase various items such as powerful guns, helpful equipment, and other exciting goodies.

Free Fire Suzy Character

This unique advantage allows you to enhance your gameplay and gives you an edge over your opponents.

2. New Location – Peak

In the latest Free Fire update, the developers have completely revamped the old peak introducing a brand-new peak location. This new peek looks visually appealing and brings a fresh feel to the game.

Free Fire New Peak Location

3. New Mode – Zombie Mode

In the latest update, the developers have reintroduced the beloved old zombie mode. This revamped version now offers five thrilling options for zombie mode enthusiasts to dive into: Easy, Normal, Hard, Mr. V, and Dungeon Ascent. Each mode presents its own set of challenges and excitement, catering to players of all skill levels and preferences.

Free Fire Zombie Mode

Get ready with your team, prepare for the zombie attack, and have an amazing time exploring the different zombie modes in the game.

4. Training ground – New Feature

After the OB41 update in Free Fire, there’s a fantastic new feature. Now, instead of just firing from away, you can actually inside that area and kill enemies. It’s like your very own training ground where you can practice and improve your skills. You even have the option to adjust the number of enemies according to your preference by going into the settings.

Free Fire Training Ground

This exciting addition allows you to have a more immersive and challenging experience, making your Free Fire gameplay even better.

5. The Airship

The old airship is back in Free Fire, and it’s a sight we all remember. But this time, something exciting has changed! Now, you can not only look at it from afar but also go inside for an adventure. They added a zipline to help you get in, and it’s so much fun!

Free Fire Airship

Inside, there will be a loot box that you can open and collect rewards. Again It will be active only after a certain time period.

6. Nano Vest

In both Bermuda rank and Classic modes, you can find the Nano Vest. This Nano Vest provides you with extra HP protection, giving you a total of 250 HP. This means that before the enemies can damage your actual HP, they need to first break through the Nano Vest.

Free Fire Nano Vest

If you see the enemy’s damage numbers appearing in blue, it indicates that the enemy is wearing the Nano Vest. And in order to deal damage to them, you’ll need to break the Nano Vest first.

7. Loot on Killing Zombies

You can collect a lot of loot by defeating zombies. To do this, you need to look at the map. In the Bermuda map or any other rank match, you’ll find a Falco icon marker on the map. You have to go to that location, and from there, Falco will guide you to the zombies where you can get the loot.

Free Fire Zombie Killing

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