Free Fire Rampage Hyperbook: Collect these Color Changing Items

Unlock the Mysteries of Hyperbook! “If you have been playing Free Fire for a while, you might already be familiar with Hyperbook. But if you’re not aware, no worries, Free Fire are reintroducing Hyperbook once again.

In the Rampage Hyperbook, each page contains a reward, and there are a total of 8 rewards available.” So, to get this Hyperbook, all you have to do is go to the Store section and click on Collections.

To purchase it, you’ll need to spend 499 diamonds. So, get ready to flip through the pages of adventure and unlock the secrets of the Rampage Hyperbook!

Rampage Hyperbook Rewards

In this book, you will receive a total of 8 rewards. So, let’s take a moment to find out what all those rewards are.

  • Page 1 – Hybrid Explosion Backpack
  • Page 2 – Grenade- Hybrid Explosion
  • Page 3 – Hybrid Explosion Loot Box
  • Page 4 – Gloo Wall – Electro Burn
  • Page 5 – Katana – Hybrid Explosion
  • Page 6 – Thompson – Hybrid Explosion
  • Page 7 – Chronicle of the Sword (Emote)
  • Page 8 – Secret Page

The special thing about the items you’ll receive in this book is that they have a colour-changing ability, which looks really cool and fascinating. Perhaps anyone would want to collect them due to their unique and interesting appearance.

After purchasing the book, you will receive the rewards from page 1. To collect rewards from the remaining pages, you will need Rampage Hyperbook tokens. You can acquire these tokens by going to the store and clicking on the items to purchase them.

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