Free Fire Synthetic Strike: Get Booyah Pass Premium Plus

Free Fire is introducing its users to a new event called “Synthetic Strike.” In this event, you can earn Bp Ring tokens that you can use in future BP Ring events. Additionally, there’s a grand prize that we’ll discuss in more detail later. This event will be available in the game from 1st August to 31st August.

Synthetic Strike Available Rewards

In this event, to win rewards, just like in other events, you’ll need to use diamonds for spinning. The exciting part is that each spin in this event costs only 9 diamonds, which is quite affordable. Moreover, there’s a fantastic combo offer where you get 10 + 1 spins for only 90 diamonds. This makes it much more cost-effective compared to other events, doesn’t it?

  • Grand Price – Booyah Pass Premium Plus
  •  Bp Ring Token
  • 2x  Bp Ring Token
  • 3x  Bp Ring Token
  • 5x Bp Ring Token
  • 10x Bp Ring Token

The ultimate reward in this event is the Booyah Pass Premium Plus, and with this pass, you can access a wide range of amazing prizes. So, aim high, collect those Bp Ring tokens, and claim the Booyah Pass Premium Plus to unlock awesome rewards waiting for you to discover!

Exchange Available in this Event

After collecting BP Ring tokens from the event, you can exchange these tokens for various rewards available in the exchange section. Let’s take a look at what rewards are available for exchange in this event.

  • 200 Bp Ring Token : Booyah Pass Premium Plus
  • 150 Bp Ring Token : Booyah Pass Premium
  • 10 Bp Ring Token : Bp S8 Box
  • 5 Bp Ring Token : Bp EXP
  • 3 Bp Ring Token : Bp S8 Token

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and collect your rewards quickly before the event ends. Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

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