Free Fire New Faded Wheel Event: Get Amazing Arrival Animation

Guess what? Free Fire has just launched a fresh event named the ‘Faded Wheel’. In this event too, you will need diamonds to get exciting rewards available in this event. This exciting event is all set to run in the game from August 15, 2023, to August 28. So, mark your calendars and get ready for some fun.

Available prizes in Arrival Animation Event

In this event as well, you’ll need diamonds to claim rewards, but in a slightly different style which we’ll discuss shortly. Let’s first talk about the available prizes. And there’s going to be a Grand Prize in this as well.

  • Grand Prize- Inker The Storm
  • x2 Cube Fragment
  • x2 Valentines Weapon Loot Crate
  • Grenade – FFCS
  • x3 Pet Food
  • x3 Supply Crate
  • Underworld Boombox
  • x2 Deadly Bat Weapon Loot Crate
  • x3 Armor Crate
  • Straw Hat Backpack

Grand Prize – Inker the Storm

Let’s talk about the highlight of this event, which is the Arrival Animation. You can equip this special effect during team match, on profile page and in MVP announcement.  

Rules of this Event

  1. You can participate in draws using diamonds, but here is the interesting part of this event. Prizes already obtained will not be repeated. Each draw required more diamonds.
  2. Before Drawing, Players can remove 2 unwanted prizes (except the grand prize), therefore increasing win rate of grand prize.

So, don’t waste any time and quickly collect your rewards.  You can access this event from the home page under the event section right below your name banner. If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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