Free Fire “Evo Vault” Event – Get Amazing Evo Guns and Much More

Guess what’s making a comeback in Free Fire? It’s the ‘Evo Vault’ event! This exciting event is here to stay in the game from August 18, 2023, all the way up to September 29, 2023. As the name implies, this event offers you a chance to get your hands on some fantastic skins for Evo guns. You can do it by spinning using diamonds!

Grand Prizes of Evo Vault Event

Well, there are quite a bunch of prizes up for grabs in this event, but as the name suggests, this event is all about the Evo guns. Interestingly, there are 4 Evo guns available for you to win in this event. And here’s the exciting part – you’re guaranteed to get an Evo gun in just 50 spins! And if luck is on your side, you might even get one before that.

  • M4A1 – Infernal Draco (Level 7)
  • UMP – Booyah Day 2021 ( Level 7)
  • MP5 – Platinum Divinity ( Level 7)
  • XM8 – Destiny Guardian ( Level 7 )

Prize Pool of This Event Besides the Evo guns, there’s more to explore in terms of prizes offered in this event. Let’s take a closer look at what else you can win.

  • Infernal Draco M4A1 Token Crate
  • UMP Booyah Day Token Crate
  • Platinum Divinity MP5 Token Crate
  • XM8 Destiny Guardian Token Crate
  • Cube Fragment
  • Lucky Royal Voucher
  • Armor Crate
  • Supply Crate
  • Leg Pocket
  • Scan
  • Bonfire
  • Summon Airdrop
  • Secret Clue
  • Bounty Token
  • Gold Royal Voucher

In this event, a single spin costs 20 diamonds, and you can do 10 spins for just 180 diamonds. Moreover, if you already have a specific Evo gun and happen to win it again through spinning, it will be converted into 100 Evo tokens instead. Isn’t that great?

So, hurry up and collect your Evo guns! If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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