How to Predict Last Safe Zone in Free Fire?

In Free Fire’s Battle Royale matches, the zone becomes smaller at specific times. This makes the playing area smaller and makes players fight each other. But reaching the safe zone on time can be difficult. Many new players often end up outside the safe zone.

So, in this post, we’re going to learn about some tricks that will help you predict the last safe zone in Free Fire up to 90% of times.

Tricks to predict last Safe Zone in Free Fire

 You must all know how quickly the last safe zone arrives. In such a situation, if you predict it in advance and mark it, you’ll be able to focus on your gameplay and eliminating enemies ahead of time.

The first trick is to observe the area of the last-second zone. If the area around the zone is symmetrical on all sides, mark the center of the zone. There are higher chances that the next zone will be around its center. You can either go there in advance and camp safely or reach there early to eliminate enemies.

Free Fire Last safe Zone Tips

And the second trick is, if the area outside the zone in the last-second zone is not symmetrical, then pay attention to which side has the least amount of area outside the zone. Mark that area because there’s a higher possibility that the next and last zone will be formed there.

Keep in mind that these are just tricks for prediction. They can be 100% accurate or not. But most of the time, these predictions will be correct. Hope these tricks help you in your next match.

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