Free Fire Evo Woodpecker gun skin leaks: Attributes, Special effects, and more

There is great hype in the Free Fire community for the upcoming Evo gun skin. Evo guns are the most powerful and premium weapon skin in the game. They contain various features like animations, special effects, great attributes, emotes and many more. The upcoming Evo gun skin will be a variant of the Woodpecker gun. Experts expect the gun to arrive shortly through a dedicated faded wheel event. Currently, the gun is available in the advance server only so not everyone can get the first look. Well, we will help with all the latest images and information about the Free Fire Evo Woodpecker skin.

Woodpecker-Majestic Prowler will arrive soon in Free Fire MAX

Players can expect the upcoming evo gun event (faded wheel) at the end of November. However, there is no clue about the date till now but we got the features and attributes of the gun skin. Since, it will be available through a faded wheel event, be ready to spend near about 1000 diamonds to access the gun. Also, another couple of thousands will be required to unlock all seven levels of the gun.

The Woodpecker-Majestic Prowler is inspired by the tiger’ hence many creators are naming it the “Tiger Woodpecker gun”.  At level 1, the basic version of the gun skin is available with gold and silver finishing. The level 3 looks cooler with the additional ornaments and more gold work. Also, a cool fire animation is activated at this level. The hit effect of the gun skin looks like a tiger is attacking with fierce claws.

Free Fire upcoming Evo Woodpecker-Majestic Prowler Attributes

Developers are providing more damage power in the Woodpecker-Majestic Prowler than its basic version. Also, the rate of fire is increased slightly. However, the magazine capacity is reduced to provide a good balance in the game. The beholder of this gun skin can deal extra damage to the moving enemies. This ability can be unlocked at level 6. Check out the cool images of the next evo gun to get a good idea.

Woodpecker-Majestic Prowler:  Level 3

Woodpecker-Majestic Prowler:  Hit Effect

Woodpecker-Majestic Prowler: Elimination Effect

Woodpecker-Majestic Prowler:  Exclusive Emote

Woodpecker-Majestic Prowler:  Ultimate Form

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