Free Fire: All Server Name List

Free Fire was released in 2017, and with time, it has become one of the most popular battle royale games available on mobile and has over 500 million players worldwide. As we all know, accommodating this much of players on a single server is impossible for any developer; hence they introduce different servers for players of different countries based on the players count.

One thing to note, not all servers comes with the same offers, rewards, and items because the developers have to comply with laws of different countries that insist them to restrain from introducing some kinds of items.

As a true Free Fire player, you must be willing to know about which server offers free gifts and items. So this post will cover all Free Fire servers and answer your queries about the best server for free gifts and all.

What Is Free Fire Servers?

After downloading the Free Fire app, we create an account by providing some details to access the account whenever and wherever we want. Using that account, we play matches and earn some free gifts/items, etc. Many players even use real money and buy diamonds to get in-game items.

These things are getting saved into your account that you can access from any mobile phone using login credentials. So it is definite that the data is not saved on our mobile phone, but it also implied that it is not flying in the air. There must be some device or place where it is getting saved. So the place or device where it is getting saved is called ‘Server.’

As we start the Free Fire app, it connects to your country’s server and then takes you to the lobby. There are several servers that cover countries from all over the world. Different servers offer different items, and even on some of them, developers have to sell items at a cheaper rate or for free to comply with the government laws. That is why players keep on looking for different servers.

Free Fire All Servers List:

Free Fire runs on a total of 8 servers that covers players from all around the world. Every player gets connected to the nearest server to their country to avoid any lag or high ping issue.

  1. Free Fire India Server
  2. Free Fire Hiroshima Server
  3. Free Fire Singapore Server
  4. Free Fire Thailand Server
  5. Free Fire Vietnam Server
  6. Free Fire Brazil Serer
  7. Free Fire Mexico Server
  8. Free Fire Indonesia Server

Free Fire Servers FAQs:

Q.1 How Many Servers Are There for Free Fire (Total Servers)?

A. 9

Q.2 Which Is Best Free Fire Server for Free Diamonds?

A. Thailand & Vietnam Server.

Q.3 Which Is Best Free Fire Server For Bundles & Offers?

A. Indonesian Server

Q.4 Which Is Value for the Price Free Fire Server?

A. Indian Server

Q.5 Which Is Best Free Fire Server For Latest Events?

A. Brazil Server

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