Free Fire Chrono Character’s Ability Is Getting Changed – What Is The Nerf?

Recently Free Fire got a new real-life inspired character ‘Chrono.’ This character resulted from Free Fire’s collaboration with famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, aka CR7. From the first day of introducing this character, the game got a bit unbalanced and biased.

It has been noticed that Chrono’s Special Ability ‘Time Turner’ makes him much powerful as compared to other characters of the game. Many players have complained that after Chrono, the game is not the same anymore. That’s why the developers should Nerf the character or remove it.

In the above-embedded tweet, Free Fire – Brasil asked the players, “Comment here which characters need changes.” And guess what? Players spammed the comment box with Chrono just in an hour. The Twitter handle got another post only after one hour, which mentions, “You keep commenting on Chrono. We are reporting your feedback to the developers on a daily basis, and we are analyzing the character as well. We will have good news soon, but know that updates take a while!”.

Later a fan asked them to “Just nerf it. You don’t need to take it out of the game.” The Twitter handle replied to the fan by stating, “We do not remove characters from the game.” It made it clear that in any circumstance, the character is not going to be removed from the game for being overpowered.

What Are Possible Nerfs Chrono Might Get?

The CR inspired Chrono character comes with an active skill called ‘Time Tuner.’ It creates a force field that blocks 600 damage from enemies. One can fire at outside foes from within the force field. It also increases the movement speed of the character as well as allies within the field. Players found this ability biased; that’s why developers are working to make some changes that are not revealed yet.

Below we are going to share possible nerfs the developers can make in Chrono’s ability to make it a balanced character. We do not assure anything about the Nerfs mentioned below. It is just our opinion based on our expertise. It can be 100% true, 50% true, 0% true, or anything else.

1. Character Might Suffer Half Damage Within Force Field

The ‘Time Turner’ ability creates the force field that blocks the bullet damage completely. Developers might change it to half damage within the force field. That means if one bullet of the enemy’s gun can cause 30 damage, players inside the force field would only get 15.

2. Lessening the Force Field Blocking Damage

Developers might lessen damage blocked by the force field from 600 to somewhere around 200 to 300. Then only it will become an acceptable ability of a character in the game like Free Fire.

Let’s see what change the developers would make into the character’s ability to make it a balanced character.

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24 thoughts on “Free Fire Chrono Character’s Ability Is Getting Changed – What Is The Nerf?”

    1. Everyone wants to get Chrono removed. Just get it yourself or learn on how to fight this character’s skills!! Dang it

  1. I spend my hard earned money to by CR7 you guy’s are saying that you will reduce its ability what’s wrong with you guy’s if you reduce the ability of CR7 you must reduce the ability of DJ ALOK

    1. And what is wrong with DJ ALOK??? I’m sure before CR7 can around you were using DJ ALOK.. And what on DJ ALOK skill needs to reduce?

    2. But they’ll only fight for justice for Alok, people like us who spent their money on Chrono basically will be the only ones who’ll suffer. You can remember when people had Alok and some didn’t, the game was just like this only. But they will only complain for Chrono.

  2. Lower its movement speed increase to 20% and the power to shoot enemies from the force field .The speed is making it over powered.

  3. Harshwardhan Saigaonkar


  4. First thing why you giving partner programer tatta advance server(survey) first partner programer Sayed take good thing after lunch character and partner programer(uski maa ka 7bar bhosda) again ban the character and all players buy this character refund? What you say? Garena

  5. One advice for all- every one have normal cash but dont have its online because almost all ff players are children
    So easily go to a phone net pack recharge shop(jaha pe phone ka recharge hota ha)and say him to give redeem code and give him real money and thats it
    Redeem code ko playstore se redeem karo aur phir chrono lelo by level up paasss
    Mu jhe to chrono op lagta ha please dont change its ability

  6. Hey you tell us that the chono’s shild damage will reduce up to 300.Then players are brack it easily.Then tell me that if a player brack the shild in 2 sec with a powerful gun skin then what we will do with cr7 will become a useless character

  7. To those who are saying not to reduce chrono’s ability-
    You noobs are only saying this because you have chrono, try playing without chrono and you will realise how hard it is. Chrono and double vector is basically a unbeatable combination. Most of us don’t waste our money in Freefire, for that reason we get some disadvantages. But chrono is too much advantageous for those who spend money. Please think about others and try to keep the game playable.

  8. Garena don’t change chrono’s ability or if you wish to change then make it like the player inside the force field will not be able to fire the outside foes and you can also reduse the shield hp but plz don’t change the cooldown to more than 2min or 170 seconds !!! HUMBLE REQUEST

  9. You guys should leave chrono and his ability
    Why don’t you guys top up for him as we did and stop being a stingy ass MF

  10. Idiot give me my 599 diamonds back if you are gonna remove chrono or if you change his ability give my 499 diamonds I won’t get money for free like you garena idiot dare you change chrono’s ability or remove him

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