Best Sensitivity Settings In Free Fire For Long-Range Headshots

Free Fire (FF) is one of the most popular battle royale games available on mobile. It comes with a fast-paced action gameplay combined with unique strategies. It has all type of players, the ones who prefer rush gameplay to maximize their kill count or others who tries to stay safe and take long-range fights only.

Long-range fights are the most preferred combats by the players because it is quite fun to exchange bullets and take down your enemies. Also, if you get knocked, there are very few chances of the opponent team rushing on yours. But the long-range combats require great strategy and, above that, an excellent aim.

The key features of a great aim are controlling gun recoil and getting headshots. With a bit of practice, everyone can easily control the recoil, but getting headshots is the real key. If anyone masters headshots, one shot is enough to take the opponent down. The key to getting headshots is the sensitivity settings. In this post, we will tell you the best sensitivity settings for getting headshots in long-range fights. You may even consider it as a trick, but it is not.

Optimal Sensitivity Settings for Long-Range Headshots:

Red Dot95
2x Scope90
4x Scope82
Sniper Scope75
Free Look62

The best sensitivity settings mentioned above are just a suggestion. Applying these settings doesn’t always guarantee headshots. Treat them as a basis to adjust your in-game sensitivity settings as you feel comfortable while playing.

Here Is How To Change Sensitivity In Free Fire?

  • Step 1: Click on ‘Settings’ icon from right top of the lobby.
  • Step 2: From left side, choose the ‘Sensitivity’ tab
  • Step 3: Adjust sensitivity as you prefer.

How To Take Headshots In Long-Distance Combats?

For long-range fights, the most preferred weapons are Assault Rifles and Snipers. For aiming at headshots there is not much difference in the strategies. But before firing bullets at the enemy, make sure you take the cover to save your head, in case you missed the shot.

To take a headshot, as the crosshair opens, just aim for the head of the enemy and tap the fire button while swiping up. As you take crosshair to the enemy’s body, auto-aim feature automatically takes it to the player’s body, and when you swipe up, the aim reached at the head. Whether Snipers or ARs, if your sensitivity settings are responsive, this trick always works.

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