Free Fire Elite Moco Hacker’s Store Event (September 2021) Details

Free Fire (FF) has got another edition of the Hacker’s Store in the game. The event is quite popular among players. The recent indications from developers say that it also might become a rare event like ‘Mystery Shop‘ because, like earlier, it doesn’t come to the game frequently.

Currently, the Jack of 4 Trades Hacker’s Store has made its way to the game between September 7, 2021, and September 13, 2021, as a part of the Moco: Rebirth in-game event. The grand prizes of this event are ‘The Flashing Spade Bundle,’ ‘Eternal Diamond Bundle,’ ‘Dreamy Club Bundle,’ and ‘The Blazing Heart Bundle.’ But you can get only one of them.

For those living under the rocks, let us tell you that Hacker’s Store is a spin-to-win event with certain differences. Here you get to choose the items of the prize pool but only 2 out of 6. This post will share complete details about the September 2021 Hacker’s Store event.

How To Play Free Fire Hacker’s Store Event?

As you enter the event lobby, you get to see the ‘Grand Prize Selection’ tab with six items on the left side of the screen. Besides that, ‘Bonus Prize Selection’ contains six other items. You have to select 1-1 item from both the tabs and click on ‘Confirm.’ Here, you add these two items to the final prize pool.

The prize pool of the event is as follows:

Grand PrizesBonus Prizes
The Flashing Spade BundleMaro Character
The Blazing Heart BundleDreki Pet
Dreamy Club BundleName Change Card
Eternal Diamond bundleMonster Truck – Cyber Bounty Hunter Skin
MP40 – Sneaky Clown CrateRoyale Flush Backpack Skin
AN94 – Spikey Spine CratePetskin: Zapping Dreki

After selecting the items can confirming the same, you reach at the spin screen. Here you get to see a prize pool of total of 6 items that includes 2 items you selected initially. The reason behind introducing extra items is to reduce your chances of getting your preferred prizes in spins.

The other 4 items of the prize pool are:

  1. Resupply Map Playcard [3 Days]
  2. Chips Case (Lootbox Skin)
  3. Cube Fragment (x10)
  4. Malice Joker (Surfboard Skin)

On the spin screen, you have to click on the ‘Click to Draw’ button to make spins and get the rewards. The first spin costs you 9 diamonds, but with each spin, the cost keeps increasing. The items you get by making are greyed out in the next spin to increase your chances of getting the grand prizes. Hence you are guaranteed to get the grand prizes within 6 spins.

Diamonds required for making spins:

  • First Spin – 9
  • Second Spin – 19
  • Third Spin – 49
  • Fourth Spin – 99
  • Fifth Spin – 199
  • Sixth spin – 499

The price of spins starts from 9 diamonds and goes on until 499 diamonds. So you have to spend a maximum of 874 diamonds in the Free Fire Hacker’s Store event to get the preferred grand prizes. The items you get by making spins get directly credited in your vault/collection.

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