Free Fire X Assassin’s Creed collaboration: Release Date and Upcoming Items

Free Fire (FF) never disappoints its players in terms of providing exclusive cosmetic items. Developers keep collaborating with real-life personalities, animes, games, and popular series from which players can enjoy the gameplay with specially featured in-game items. With every OB update patch, Free Fire makes a grand collaboration. Last time players witnessed a collaboration between Free Fire and the very popular Spanish web series Money Heist.

OB 32 update is on its way and going to launch within a few days. Some popular data miners of Free Fire already posted some leaked information about Free Fire’s upcoming grand collaboration. After the introduction of the OB32 update, Free Fire players will witness a grand collaboration between Free Fire and Assassin’s creed.

The Assassin’s Creed is a very popular game franchise developed by Ubisoft and there is a huge fan base of this game. Collaborating with this game series will excite many Free Fire players and they surely try to get exclusive assassin’s creed themed bundles and gun skins.

Release date of Free Fire X Assassin’s Creed grand collaboration

The actual release date of the grand collaboration of Free Fire and Assassin’s Creed is not confirmed yet. It is assumed that the collaboration can be seen in the game a few days after the OB32 update patch which will be launched on January 20, 2022.

Leaked bundles, skins of Free Fire X Assassin’s Creed grand collaboration

Every collaboration brings in a variety of events like luck royale, faded wheel, and other events. Some items are provided for completely free whereas the most attractive items require diamonds for collecting. Here’s a list of items that got leaked by some popular data miners.

5. Parang New Skin

6. P-90 New skin

7. Desert Eagle New Skin

8. Loot Box skin

9. Loading Screen

10. New Gun Skin

Free Fire has not confirmed yet these items but as FFBooyah always comes up with the latest and confirmed news, viewers can rely on this article. The above items will be launched to the game for sure but some may arrive early while the rest will arrive with a delay.

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