The Destiny Guardian XM8 Evo gun skin is back in Free Fire: Latest Faded Wheel event

Evo gun skins are the most premium type of a gun in Free Fire. The attributes of these guns are super attractive and always become a game changer. Destiny Guardian XM8 has also many amazing features. An electric field covers the whole gun as it is upgraded to the maximum level. The Destiny Guardian XM8 was first introduced in the previous year in the month of August. But on May 22, 2022, it has been re-introduced through a faded wheel event and will remain in the game till May 28.

Attributes of the Destiny Guardian XM8

It has a special ability. If enemies got hit by the Destiny Guardian XM8 from high ground, they will be punished with extra damage. The attributes are,

  • Damage ++
  • Fire Rate +
  • Reload Speed –                        

Prize Pool of the Latest XM8 Evo gun Faded Wheel

Players can get the item for sure as prizes already obtained will not be repeated. Also, players can remove 2 unwanted prizes except for grand prizes which increase the win rate of the grand prize. The prize list consists of,

  • XM8- Destiny Guardian
  • Lightning Reactor loot box
  • Magic cube fragment
  • Destiny lightning token
  • Destiny Guardian Skyboard
  • Victory wings loot crate
  • Destiny Guardian XM8 Token box
  • Destiny Guardian parachute
  • Scar-Phantom assassin
  • Diamond royal voucher

Required diamonds to get the XM8 Evo gun skin in Free Fire

As per the faded wheel event rule, each subsequent draw will require more diamonds. Current draw diamond cost: 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, and 499.

Steps to obtain the XM8 Evo gun skin in Free Fire

  • Step 1: After opening Free Fire, head to the luck royale section from the left corner of the home screen.
  • Step 2: Go to the ‘Faded wheel’ section and remove two unwanted prizes.
  • Step 3: After pressing the ‘Confirm’ button you can make spins to get your desired Destiny Guardian XM8 Evo gun skins.

Players should remember that Evo gun skins are required to be upgraded for unlocking all of the skills. This process requires a few thousand diamonds (in-game currency). So, make sure you have the number of diamonds before spinning in the event.

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