Mars Warclasher bundle is now available in Free Fire Rampage Ascension event

The Mars Warclasher bundle is launched through the Rampage Ascension event on June 25, 2022. The Rampage Ascension is a token tower event so players must spend diamonds to participate. One spin will require 40 diamonds whereas five spins will require only 180 diamonds. By making spins players can get Unity tokens which is the grand item in this event. These tokens are essential to crafting the mighty Mars Warclasher bundle. Moreover, individuals require 5 unity tokens for getting the set. The set is among the best Free Fire bundles to date and along with this players can get many other super premium items from the prize pool. The event will be accessible till July 8, 2022.

The Prize pool contains:

  • Unity Token
  • Maniac’s Jinx
  • Murderous Amusement
  • Flame Draco
  • Pet skin – Fire Sensei Tig
  • Weapon royale voucher
  • Diamond royale voucher
  • Pet food
  • Universal Fragment bundle
  • M4A1 – wild Carnival weapon loot crate
  • Futuristic weapon loot crate
  • Other ordinary items

Remember that prizes won will be kept in the bag pack. Players can claim prizes by moving them to the vault or exchanging three unwanted prizes for another draw. Unity token is the grand item and it can unlock various premium collectibles. The item list along with the required tokens is as follows.

  • Collect 1 unity token: Get Desert Eagle – Hybrid Explosion
  • Collect 2 unity tokens: Get Sports Car – Ventus
  • Collect 3 unity tokens: Get an Energetic emote
  • Collect 4 unity tokens: Get a Hybrid Power punch
  • Collect 5 unity tokens: Get the Mars Warclasher bundle

How to access the Rampage Accession event in Free Fire

There are many ways to access the event but we are mentioning the simplest method.

  • Step 1: Open the Free Fire game then head to the ‘Luck royale’ section from the left side of the home screen.
  • Step 2: select the ‘Rampage Accession’ tab and the event interface will be opened.
  • Step 3: Make spins till you collect the Mars Warclasher bundle.

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