Where to Buy Star Citizen aUEC? A Complete Guide

Star Citizen is slowly catching up to the expectation of players and proving that the hype created by developers wasn’t just another lie. There is a long way till the game will be fully released, but through Alpha and some major updates in 2022, the game has astonished the gaming industry. There might be a few bugs and issues here and there, but we have to give the overall credit to its makers.

There wasn’t much detail to the game itself with small YouTubers discussing it way back in the year 2011 onwards, but now even the major gaming YouTuber channels are admiring the complexity, uniqueness, and beauty of the game itself. 

Star Citizen is a futuristic game that provides its players with space simulation, involving both combat and trading. You simply live life in the future where traveling to planets and solar systems is possible. The game has that beautiful mechanism where you can purchase various vehicles including your space ship from a website or get yourself a package that gets you the game and some extra accessories.

While everything is dependent on your in-game currency, just like in real life, to purchase ships, equipment, suites, assets, and much about everything else to better explore the verse, you need to be rich to gain respect from other citizens.

Star Citizen In-Game Currency

Star Citizen has that demand and supply system where your main currency is UEC or in the long-term meaning, United Earth Credits. As the game is in the Alpha phase, the currency is referred to as the Alpha United Earth Credits or aUEC. 

Updates are constantly rolling out and you can use the hard-earned Alpha Earth Credits anytime within the game. Besides the main currency of the game, there are other currencies as well like the Rental Equipment Credits and Store Credits.

UEC or United Earth Credits

This here is the main concept of currency for the main game or when it will officially launch to the world. To do anything ranging from, weapons, equipment, ships, lands, and decorations, to the ships and packages, you will require UEC. 

The game also has that tax, fees, and fine system which you might have to pay for trading illegal items or doing something wrong and ending in prison. To pay for these extras, you also need the UEC. But it is the official currency of the game, all others are made as a substitute for this currency till the game is out of Alpha and completely released. That leads us to aUEC.

aUEC or Alpha United Earth Credit

This is the currency that is used in the game right now. It pretty much does everything that UEC does in the game. When you start the gain, there is a specific amount of aUEC you get that is the addition of the UEC account balance and the Bonus UEC you gain in the game, There is an RSI account which you can make and log into to view your aUEC amount 

aUEC might get wiped or partially available because of constant changes to the game Alpha by developers. To remove certain bugs, bring new mechanisms to the game itself or change the existing mechanisms completely, the developers will reset the in-game currency for the alpha phase.

There are also chances that the game might alter your gained aUEC amounts, which is around the updates. You can keep in touch with the game developers or RSI to know when the updates (Minor or Major) will be out, so you can get aUEC accordingly.

REC or Rental Equipment Credits

Star Citizen is all about ships and space journeys, but you don’t always have the requirements for testing out all the ships. REC or Rental Equipment Credits, as the name suggests, are used to rent the equipment like ships. Yes, you can use it for weaponry or other equipment as well, allowing you to test the stuff you wish existed in your loadout.

Store Credits

These simple credits are used in the game to get your hands on ship upgrades or Pledges. This can be done on the RSI website in which you can exchange a ship for another one by keeping the extras and paying something on top. 

Furthermore, you can also purchase packages from the site that include ships, the game itself, and some accessories. 

Getting aUEC in Star Citizen

This image shows the Trading Console to trade and earn aUEC

Getting your hands on aUEC isn’t that easy in Star Citizen. There are layers and proper mechanisms that yield specific amounts of credits. Even if you can find ways to consistently earn in Star Citizen, the amount will be really low. 

To earn more, you will have to grind, do some illegal things, and go into the risk factor. Keep in mind that your actions have consequences here and selling something wrongly or illegally can get you into trouble (Prison/Tax/Fine etc.). 

There are two ways in which you can gain Star Citizen aUEC. One method is the easy way, which we will discuss afterward and the other method is below. How you can earn an aUEC in Star Citizen are;


Picking Commodities from a Trade Station, loading them into your ship cargo, and selling them to another station for a profit. Margins are low, the risk of theft is there and illegal items get you more in return, but have consequences. 

Doing Missions

When you open the MobiGlas to check out various missions available, you will find a bunch of them ranging from delivery to bounty hunting and so on. Well, you can be a delivery boy, play safe and earn a few aUEC in return or you can go for combat, do some bounty hunting and get your pockets full, but the risk factor is there. Missions are the primary way of earning in Star Citizen.


You can invest a few credits, buy a good cargo ship, and equipment for mining and start finding locations to get minerals from. Sell these minerals and earn aUEC. 

Where to Buy Star Citizen aUEC?

Now, we are into the main part of the article, which is buying the Star Citizen aUEC. This is the method we regarded as the effortless one. Earning aUEC in the game is rather difficult, time taking, and great for only experienced players.

The game itself is too large and you will have to spend time traveling to explore the whole verse. Spending your time doing missions or other activities to earn a few aUEC takes away the joy of the game.

But, today we have here a safe and easy website from which you can buy these Star Citizen aUEC at budget-friendly rates. The website has been in this business for a long time, presenting customers with satisfied deals in the lowest delivery time. There are also customer policies to back you up in case something goes wrong.

Buying Star Citizen aUEC from MMOPIXEL

MMOPIXEL.com is all about you, as the main goal here is to provide the customers with utmost satisfaction, cheap rates, and security. Here, the representatives or live support is always available in case you need help in anything or something goes wrong in the process. 

Behind the Stage, there are authorized sellers who are constantly grinding to farm the actual aUEC instead of using bots to generate them. Furthermore, to break things down, several services of MMOPIXEL are;

Low Price Guarantee

  • There is always a competition in the market, that allows us to keep rates of aUEC low
  • Professional Customer Service is provided which cares for the hard-earned money of customers.
  • The chance of an equally low price is there from some other source but we guarantee the best customer service experience, that can’t be found anywhere else.

Customer Satisfaction

  • We have been in the business for over a decade now, allowing us to know the ups and downs of this business
  • When some issue appears in the market itself, we can deal with it efficiently, causing no issue to the customers
  • A team of professional farmers is associated with us, who are constantly working their best to bring the aUEC to you
  • Safety is our responsibility, as all the products are secure in contrast to the competitors

24 Hour Guaranteed

  • The stock is constantly in check and high, allowing for the instant delivery
  • Sometimes the payment platform or other factors result in a delay, which is beyond our control.
  • Besides these issues, our delivery is done within 24 hours, which is guaranteed from our side.

Refund Policy

  • If something goes in the delivery, we will refund you the amount back to you
  • Canceling the order before it is delivered can also pave way for a refund
  • The request for a refund can be placed and the team looks after it ASAP and it is ordinarily done in a single workday.
  • In case the order is delivered to you and the refund has been placed afterward, then the refund isn’t possible

Now that you know everything about MMOPIXEL, you can Buy Star Citizen aUEC from here at the cheapest rate.

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