Upcoming Free Fire Weapon Royale gun skin leaked images and other details: Riverdust Splasher M24

Guns are the most important aspect of the Free Fire game. There are many types of guns and players can get them by participating in different events. A luck royale section is popular as it offers a new and cool legendary gun skin every month. However, the event demands diamonds for participating as the grand item is very premium. In the current weapon royale season of the Indian server, the Flaring Bionica G36 is available. But it will be removed after a few hours and replaced with an all-new legendary gun skin of M24. 

August 2022 Free Fire Weapon Royale Bundle for Indian server

The upcoming weapon royale gun skin is the Riverdust Splasher M24. M24 is a popular sniper rifle that is lethal in long-distance fights. Players love to collect the gun in a match for its high damage and long fire range. The upcoming gun skin possessed upgraded stats that enhance its performance. Moreover, the gun has an aesthetic look of its blue color body. To get a chance of winning the gun skin from the upcoming weapon royale, players have to make spins with diamonds. One single spin costs 40 diamonds and ten plus one bonus spin costs 400 diamonds. Well, there is also an option for making spins without using diamonds. Players can collect weapon royale vouchers from various in-game events and make spins. One spin requires one weapon royale voucher and 10+1 spin demands 10 weapon royale vouchers. However, the 10 spins have the highest probability of drawing out the grand item.

Release Date and time of August 2022 Free Fire Weapon Royale’s latest gun skin

The upcoming Riverdust Splasher M24 gun for Weapon Royale (Indian server) of August month will be launched on August 1, 2022, at 4.00.00 AM (IST).

Remember: All the information about upcoming gun skin for Free Fire weapon royale (Indian server) is from leaked information. Players have to wait till the update gets live in the game as it is prone to changes.

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