5th Anniversary Monster Truck is now available for free in Memory Capsule: Free Fire MAX

The 5th Anniversary Celebration is almost at its end and the final Capsule is now available in Free Fire. The Memory Capsule has lots of in-game items to offer and the monster truck skin is the most special of them. Moreover, players can collect Amethyst Pentagons tokens which are essential for claiming to get various exclusive items from the ongoing Exchange Store event.

Memory Capsule is unlocked now: 5th Anniversary Celebration

The Memory Capsule is made available on September 3, 2022, and will be available until September 14. Here, players have to complete all the corresponding missions of the memory and claim all the rewards to light it up. A new memory becomes available for illumination at 4.00 AM (IST) every day. Missions of the preceding memory must be completed before moving on to the new memory. To get the grand prize of a memory capsule (5th Anniversary Monster Truck) players must light up all 7 memories in the event.

Items available in the Memory Capsule of Free Fire MAX

The rewards included in each card are mentioned below,

  • Light up 1 card: Amethyst Pentagon, Supply Crate, and Armour Crate
  • Light up 2 cards: Amethyst Pentagon, Bonfire, and Scan
  • Light up 3 cards: Amethyst Pentagon, Pet Food, and Leg Pockets
  • Light up 4 cards: Amethyst Pentagon, Pixelated Staircase, and Summon Airdrop Play card
  • Light up 5 cards: Amethyst Pentagon, Gold Royale Voucher, and Bounty Token Airdrop Play Card
  • Light up 6 cards: Amethyst Pentagon, Diamond Royale Voucher, and Supply Crate

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