Free Fire Next OB36 Gold Royale Event (September 2022): Release date and all details

Free Fire launches an exclusive Gold Royale bundle after every periodical update. Gold royale is a luck royale event that provides exclusive bundles for free. So players always remain excited about the upcoming gold royale bundle. OB36 update is on its way to being launched and some data miners already leaked images of the upcoming gold royale bundle. The upcoming Gold Royale bundle will be a female bundle as the current one is a male outfit.

Everything we know so far about the next Gold Royale bundle

The upcoming outfit has a simple yet elegant appearance. It contains a top, shoes, and a head. However, we don’t know the name of the bundle yet. Getting an outfit from the gold royale section is very difficult as there is no guaranteed reward. To make one spin, 300 Free Fire coins or 1 gold royale voucher is required whereas 11 spins cost 3000 FF coins or 10 vouchers. Free Fire coins and gold royale vouchers are free in the game so players won’t need any diamonds.

What is the luck quotient in Gold Royale?

Luck Quotient indicates the chances of getting the main bundle. More luck quotient means more chance to get the grand outfit. Moreover, the prize pool contains various in-game cosmetics like shirts, tops, bottoms, headwear, glasses, etc. other than the grand costume.

Free Fire Upcoming Gold Royale Bundle release date

The upcoming gold royal bundle for OB36 will be launched in the Free Fire on September 21, 2022. Players will have 70 days to collect as the bundle will be replaced after that. So, they are getting enough time to win the upcoming set.

How to access the Gold Royale event in Free Fire

  • Step 1: First open Free Fire then navigate to the “Luck Royale” section on the left-hand side of the home lobby.
  • Step 2: After that press the “Gold Royale” tab and make spins with FF Coins or vouchers. Random prizes will be given.

Let’s not forget that the mentioned costume in the Gold royale section of the Free Fire Indian server is from mere leaks and not an official announcement. Players have to wait for the official release for confirmation.  

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